TAM’s Long-Term Objectives:

  1. Raise the level of knowledge and awareness within Palestinian communities regarding gender issues and women’s rights, with an emphasis on encouraging women to fully exercise their rights.
  2. Enhance the ability of local women and other marginalized groups to express themselves and highlight issues affecting them through the effective use of available media.
  3. Increase female representation in the media and increase local media attention on issues of human and gender rights.
  4. Utilize a range of media platforms to begin and sustain dialogue on gender issues and women’s rights in Palestine.

TAM Goals of the Strategic Plan ( 2020 – 2025):

In order to achieve our long-term objectives, TAM drafted four goals to be accomplished over the course of a five year period, 2020 – 2025. These goals are:

  1. Contribute to reach media that promotes equality and non-discrimination.
  2. Enhancing the role and access of women, girls and marginalized groups to resources and controlling them.
  3. Contributing in the development of a social, cultural, legal and legal environment, just and safe strategies for achieving gender equality.
  4. Contributing to (making recommendations/decisions) international, regional, and national to protect Palestinian women and advocate for their rights and issues.