A PCID workshop was done by TAM as a part of the Infrastructure Development project in the Palestinian society for TAM’s and ANERA’s teams about integrating gender with the infrastructure . The workshop started with a word from Linda Jarayseh-Secretary of TAM’s council. As a representative of ANERA, Mr.Jamal Al-Aref – Deputy Regional Director and Director of Programs in the West Bank, also assured the importance of the relationship between TAM and ANERA and the importance of exchanging experiences especially in the field of gender and infrastructure.

The workshop included a bunch of sessions and trainings about gender in the infrastructure projects, the interventionist policies, measuring impact, etc.

It is noteworthy that the director of TAM Suhair Farraj is the one who facilitated this workshop with the help of Lubna Al-Fares and Sawsan Kanaan-gender specialists. Also, Victoria Shukri-Director of TAM’s programs worked on organizing the workshop