Our Team:

Suheir Ismail Faraj:

Suheir is the Director-General of TAM. Upon receiving her degree in nursing, she opted to turn to her true passion and pursued a career as a professional photographer and film director. She has considerable experience in film and television, including as the director of a group of short and full-length films viewed around the world. Her recent work includes a black and white film entitled ‘The Ground”, which addresses the issue of land ownership in South Africa. Suheir has also worked as a photographer for international news agencies and TV satellite stations, including ABC news. She has also worked as a trainer in the field of video clip filming. Suheir has received an award from the Arab World Institute in Paris for her film “Palestinian Diaries”.


Rifa’at  Adi:

Rifa’at Adee is a Palestinian director. He holds a bachelor degree in film directing from the University of 6th of October in Egypt and a diploma in film production. He works as a film director and production manager in TAM. Previously, he served as general manager of TV production and television station director in the Palestinian Ma’an News Network as well as he joined   Palestine TV, the Palestinian national satellite TV station and other local TV stations as Al -Fajr Al-Jadeed (New Dawn) TV station in Tulkarem, and Shepherds TV station in Bethlehem. Adee  produced and directed a group of films, including: a film entitled “ Shobak Ankabot (Spider-nets)”  for TAM,  TV series of “Mazih fi Jad ( Fun and Seriousness ”    and  “SHOU FI MA FI (What is Up)”  and  films of “Awtar Majhoula( Unknown  Chords) ” ,  “An-Najah    (The  Success )” and others.


Salem Dera’wi:

He holds an academic qualification diploma in accounting from the University of Aleppo in Syria. Dera’wi is serving as a financial director of TAM. He gained his experience in the field of accounting from his work in several companies and institutions in Palestine and Arab countries.


Mohammed Fararjeh:

He holds a bachelor degree from Al-Quds Open University in accounting. Fararjeh serves as a administrative director in TAM and as a treasurer in Ibda’a (Creativity) Institution. He gained his experience of working in TAM and joined several training courses and particularly, the youth leadership training courses that had been conducted by ADVANCE.


Rasha Moussa:

She was graduated from Al-Quds Open University and received a bachelor degree in business administration. Ms. Moussa has been working with TAM since 2007 as projects coordinator.


May Hadweh:

Holds the position of Programs Manager at Women Media & Development (TAM). She obtained her Master’s Degree in International Cooperation and Development, and her Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems from Bethlehem University. She gained her experience by working in the fields of Project Management, Media and Public Relations.


Victoria Shoukri:

She holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration and a Bachelor degree in Nursing from the University of Al-Quds. Ms. Shoukri worked in the nursing field in Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem and in the Management of health programs of the Health Work Committees. She participated in several training courses and she was a trainer in human rights, reproductive and sexual health, and gender. Currently, she serves as a Project manager (Women Court’s) in TAM. Her concerns are including empowerment of women and building a participatory approach based on equality and protection of human rights.


Maha AL-Zghary:

She graduated from Bethlehem University with  a bachelor’s degree in computer  information systems, and a minor in Business Administration, she  gained her first experiences by taking some courses and training on programming and web design and others,  she has worked in the aswar company as  website designer and  and an administrative assistant, currently working in Tam as administrative assistant , website manager and information technology.


Lana Qumsiah:

Obtained her master’s degree “European Economy, International Finance and Institutions” from Tor Vergata, Roma II University, in Rome – Italy. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Bethlehem University Major Accounting minor Business administration. Had worked at Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans as Sales Manager/ Accountant. She currently works at Women Media and Development/ TAM as Procurement Officer.


 :Ibrahim salim

holding bachelor degree in social work and psychology from Bethlehem university and progricing his master degree in community mental health/psychotherapy.Certified TOT from MOWA and member of the national team for training on National Referral System.Works as Field coordinator in (Women Courts) Project witch add to him several experience through participation in many training’s and researches.


Rihana Slebi:
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Works as Field coordinator in (Women Courts) Project 


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