TAM Goals

TAM’s Long-Term Objectives :


1 – Raise the level of knowledge and awareness within Palestinian communities regarding gender issues and women’s rights, with an emphasis on encouraging women to fully exercise their rights.


2 – Enhance the ability of local women and other marginalized groups to express themselves and highlight issues affecting them through the effective use of available media.


3 – Increase female representation in the media and increase local media attention on issues of human and gender rights.


4 – Utilize a range of media platforms to begin and sustain dialogue on gender issues and women’s rights in Palestine.



TAM’s Goals of the Strategic Plan ( 2015 – 2019):


In order to achieve our long-term objectives, TAM drafted four goals to be accomplished over the course of a four year period, 2015 – 2019. These goals are:



1- Contribute to attain a free media that reinforces equality and eliminates all types of discrimination and

gender-based violence.



2-Contribute to decrease marginalization, poverty and gender-based violence.



3-Reinforce women’s roles and existence in decision-making positions.



4-Develop an institutional, financial and regulatory performance of the organization.



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