Our Story


TAM was established in September of 2003 by a group of media women and activists in community work and was registered in February 2004 in accordance to the Palestinian Charities and civil Organizations law no. (1)  of 2000.


The idea behind launching  TAM  as it was initiated by a group of media women  who felt that there was a severe shortage of programs and information materials of social and feministic issues in Palestine, and  by their profound faith in the importance of media as an essential instrument in community development and empowerment of women and the use of media as a tool for developing, disseminating  and publicizing  of gender concepts, this group of media women  sought  the establishment of TAM in September of 2003 and headquartered in Bethlehem while  its work scope covered Palestine.


TAM tasks are derived from the principles of human rights, gender, democracy and justice, non-violence, dialogue, combating all forms of discrimination and the protection of the bodily, spiritual and moral freedoms and the effective and active participation and creativity.


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