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TAM signed on the New York declaration among a number of international organizations

Towards achieving the vision of Women Media & Development/ TAM in enhancing equality, freedom, and justice in gender issues in media. TAM signed on the New York Declaration alongside a group of Women and Human Rights organizations from around the world. The declaration includes a set of demands, which seeks to eliminate the stereotype, create a gender sensitive media, and to adopt and activate gender-responsive communication policies  . This

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TAM conducted in cooperation with Operation 1325 a training on the UN resolution 1325

Women Media & Development/ TAM conducted in cooperation with Operation 1325 a training on the UN resolution 1325 in An-Najah University in Nablus and in the Arab American University in Jenin for two days. The training targeted 40 students from both universities. The training included a presentation on the resolution 1325, which states that women are key roles in security and peace. Women and men are affected differently from each other during

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Training on Laws and Rights Affecting the Mentally Disabled

   TAM organized a five day training aimed at promoting awareness of the laws and policies protecting mentally disabled people  under both international and Palestinian law. The training targeted those with mental disabilities as well as civil society organization representatives in As-Samu, Al-Eizariyah and Bethlehem. 22 individuals of various backgrounds attended the training, including two representatives from the As-Samu and Al-Eizariyah

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A Meeting with Al-Eizariya Local Council within TAM Campaign “ Rights of the Disabled”

      TAM held a meeting within our “We’re Still Here” campaign for mentally disabled people in partnership with the Al-Eizariya Local Council. Attendees included TAM’s Programs Officer and Project Coordinator, representatives of the Zahret Al-Quds Society and Al-Eizariya Local Council including Council President Sufian Bassa and Vice President Mohammad Al-Khateeb, and several families representing the mentally disabled from Al-Eizariya,

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