A Meeting with Al-Eizariya Local Council within TAM Campaign “ Rights of the Disabled”

      TAM held a meeting within our “We’re Still Here” campaign for mentally disabled people in partnership with the Al-Eizariya Local Council. Attendees included TAM’s Programs Officer and Project Coordinator, representatives of the Zahret Al-Quds Society and Al-Eizariya Local Council including Council President Sufian Bassa and Vice President Mohammad Al-Khateeb, and several families representing the mentally disabled from Al-Eizariya, Abu Dis, Al-Sawahreh Al-Sharqiya and Arab Al-Jahaleen.

This meeting is a part of TAM’s ongoing campaign protecting the rights of the mentally disabled. This campaign is a part of TAM’s broader strategy to strengthen the position of marginalized groups and mentally disabled people in Palestinian society. The meeting focused on discussing a set of requests that the families had made in order to safeguard the rights of their mentally disabled sons and daughters. Council President Bassa pledged to achieve the following requests:

1-Paving side roads which lead to the homes of the mentally disabled.

2- Extending water and electricity systems to those currently out of reach

3-Broader steps to make the municipality more accessible to the mentally disabled.

Council President Bassa also requested a follow-up meeting to determine additional needs and shortcomings in the municipality. He vowed to add the issue of the mentally disabled to the council’s strategic plan and to support anyone in need with all available resources of the council.

This meeting comes as a part of series meetings, workshops and trainings organized by TAM in Al-Eizariya, As-Samu and Bethlehem to advance the cause of the mentally disabled. TAM seeks a society that fully integrates its mentally disabled and in which municipal authorities are responsible to the needs of all members.  


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